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Custom Mats—Rubber Surfacing the Perfect Solution for Corridors!

In corridors where foot traffic often finds itself at a bottle-neck and the floors are under heavy stress, custom mats are a way to protect the existing surfacing and to provide much needed added safety. And if corridors happen to be exposed to the elements, non-slip runners are the perfect surface to help prevent possible slip and fall accidents that could result in serious injuries. Also, if your concerns are seasonal, for example if you just want to have added protection during rainy springs or snowy winters, then you’ll be happy to know that many of our surfacing options actually double as portable flooring. This means that if you want to showcase your subflooring, or would prefer not to use rubber surfacing all year round, then your long rubber mats and runners can easily be removed while they are not in use.

Check out these 4 ways that rubberized custom mats can fulfill your corridor flooring needs!

  • Safety Benefits

A major concern in any work place is the potential for slip and fall accidents. Any good employer will want to safeguard the security of his staff, by making sure that puddles are quickly taken care of, and that flooring provides adequate traction. In addition to its resilience, rubber naturally offers great grip, even in wet conditions, which makes it perfect for applications that may see heavy amounts of moisture. By providing non-slip runners along corridors that are located both out and indoors, an employer is helping lower the risk of slip related accidents. But sometimes, falls don’t necessarily happen just because a surface has excessive moisture on it. In a corridor with heavy foot traffic, bumps and trips are bound to happen, and with rubber’s high coefficient of friction an employer can also provide added traction, which will help staff stay on their feet.

  • Protection for Existing Floors

Repairs to permanent flooring fixtures can be expensive, especially if an employer is renting a building and has to make sure to return the property in much the same condition he found it in. Preservation of subflooring doesn’t have to be difficult—especially not with the use of long rubber mats. Rubberized flooring will guard against dents and scratches by creating a barrier between possible dangers (shoes and falling or moving objects) and the original surfacing. And with many rubber options also doubling as portable flooring, removal will not be difficult.

  • Availability of Styles

Custom mats are available in a variety of styles, from interlocking tiles to rubber backed carpeted options. For outdoor applications we have special rubber matting that utilizes EPDM Rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer), a material that is made to be UV and Ozone resistant, which makes it a great outside flooring option. And for indoor applications, there are more aesthetically pleasing carpeted runners in a variety of colors. Many of these runners are also available in custom cut lengths (of up to 50 ft.) which means larger and longer areas can be covered in one continuous roll. Whatever the case may be, and whatever the need is, we are certain that there is a product that will best suit your particular needs.

Green handled broom on top of a black diamond plate mat
Wired red training equipment on top of a fine gray rib mat
  • Easy to Clean

Since corridor floors often bridge one area to another (such as the outside of a building to the inside), it is here where excess dirt, debris, and moisture will often accumulate. Moisture and dirt can pose safety hazards, and could lead to serious accidents. Long rubber mats are easy to clean, often requiring little more than a good sweep of the broom. And in cases where more thorough cleaning is required, a moist mop is more than enough.

Whether you’re looking for a portable flooring solution or something a bit more permanent—such as securely fixed non-slip runners, rubberized custom mats are going to provide you with the best value, highest quality, and number of choices. We definitely suggest that during the wet seasons you consider covering your floors or risky areas with rubber runners. These mats will work as protective floor for both staff as well as original structures!

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