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Safety Treads for Stairs—A Great Addition to any Safety Regime

Regardless of the size of the building or structure, security is always going to be a prominent concern—both internally as well as externally. Most buildings will have a number of safety implementations that are directly built into the structure, such as security rails in stairwells and fire extinguishers at certain intervals of distance within halls.  Safety treads for stairs are a great addition to any safety regime! Rubber stair covers will offer added traction and grip to inside or outside stairs, making them a more secure surface to step on. Having non-skid stairs is going to be invaluable in environments that see a lot of moisture. And if you’re wresting to make a decision between individual treads and single unit stair runners—then we definitely recommend the individual treads.

Here are 4 reasons why we recommend the purchase of safety treads for stairs.

  • Protect Your Tenants

Whether your building is residential or commercial, the protection of your tenants should be one of your highest priorities. You could very easily be held responsible for any injuries that are attained in or around your building, so it is a prudent decision to make sure you have non-skid stairs. According to BBC News, “more than 1,000 people die every year after falling down the stairs…” That may not seem like a high number, but the actual number of injuries is rather staggering. CBS news reported that between 1999 and 2008 there were nearly 932,000 children young than 5 that were sent to the emergency room because they fell down the stairs. That is almost 100,000 stair-related emergency trips per year—just for children! Using rubber stair covers can help reduce the risk of these awful accidents.

  • Non-Skid Stairs

In outdoor applications, safety treads for stairs will really prove themselves to be vital. Rubber is often utilized in the production of weather-resistant flooring, and that’s because the material lends itself to resistance against many natural elements such as excessive moisture. Rubber stair covers utilize the materials natural resistance to water and high coefficient of friction to produce a slip-resistant surface that will help people stay on their feet—especially when it’s wet!

  • Added Grip

When you think of traction and grip, you may think you’re dealing with the same thing—you’re actually not! Traction is a quality that is added with a raised design and which is enhanced thanks to rubber’s natural grip. Because rubber has a high coefficient of friction it will help people keep better footing, regardless of the presence of moisture. With stairs, slips aren’t the only danger you should guard against—people are also prone to tripping and losing their footing due to oversights in personal vigilance. Providing rubber stair covers will help give people surer footing.

Non-Skid, Affordable, Sturdy and Eco-Friendly Step Mats black in color placed on staircase
Black recycled rubber stair mats with anti slip texture placed on staircase
  • Secure Installation

Single piece stair runners may seem like a better idea over individual treads, but they present a whole new set of problems—such as complications in adhering to the shape of the stairs. This could create a riskier environment! On the other hand, individual treads are a much more secure option because they are specifically designed to hug the lip of a stair, or to settle on top of it. And if you want to secure your treads to the subsurface of the stairs, double-sided adhesives will make sure that your treads don’t move around or get kicked out of place.

Non-skid stairs are not difficult to attain, even out on exposed stairwells. With the use of safety treads for stairs you will be helping to ensure the security of your tenants while protecting yourself from liability. If you’re still considering utilizing stair runners we recommend that you give us a call! Our product specialists are happy to answer any questions.

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