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Front Doormats – How to Choose the Best Door Mat for Your Needs

A front door mat is an often overlooked but highly important aspect of maintaining a clean interior home space. They serve as the first line of defense against the dirt and grime that can often cause costly damage and expensive cleaning procedures and products. Also, they can serve as interesting, beautiful, or just plain unique oases of personal flair! And they can even help protect us and our guests from slip and fall accidents. There’s really no downside to these products—but complications may arise when you start shopping due to the overwhelming number of choices. Fear not! We’re here to help you find the best door mat that fits all your requirements.

For example, when you’re considering matting options for your home don’t forget that you’ll also need a back door mat as well as garage door mats (since garages tend to have a few entrances)! These are areas that often go overlooked but need equal amounts of protection since they too are gateways into your home. You want to make sure all your bases are covered!

So, if you’re in the market for a front door mat, here are 4 things to consider, which can help you make a better-informed decision!

Outdoor Doormat at front porch
Outdoor Doormat at front porch

Consider the Application

First and foremost, really think about what you want out of your front door mat. Although we’re certain you want a durable, and highly functional product, it’s good to keep in mind that different items are better suited for different environments and situations. For example, a three-dimensional scraper is perfect for places that see a lot of snow and rain, because they’re specifically made for the removal of excessive amounts of mud and other debris. If you need garage door mats, which may lead from one enclosed space to another enclosed space, then plush and warm carpeted surfaces could be a good choice. For places with lots of moisture, elastomer matting might be better suited because rubber has a natural resistance to water, while also offering heightened traction and grip qualities.

Consider the Size of the Area

There’s probably going to be a significant difference in size between a front door mat and a back door mat. Your front door, which will probably see the most amount of traffic, should have a wider space of protection, while a back door may just not see as much attention—therefore making it more suitable for a single step mat. Then again, this could be completely wrong! Maybe your home has large sliding doors that lead to the backyard, making the passage much wider. An area like this would benefit from a bigger mat, even if it doesn’t see as much foot traffic.

Consider the Foot-Traffic

The best door mat is going to be able to withstand a variety of abrasive situations—the most important of which will be foot-traffic. It doesn’t matter if you have a mat that is all-weather resistant if it immediately loses its shape under foot—that renders it useless! A front door mat is built to last, with some rubberized options even being made from recycled material (the source of which is discarded tires). This is a true testament to the durability and sheer toughness of some of these mats, especially when you consider the sort of environments that tires are designed to withstand—like constant exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture, and other harsh weather circumstances. With so many options available, it won’t really matter where you employ your front door mat because it will offer the same excellent support anywhere.

Consider the Location

As previously stated, entrance matting doesn’t necessarily have to be just for your front door! Any and every entryway that leads into your home is a gateway through which debris and moisture can be introduced. For that reason, you must make sure that you’re not only investing in a front door mat. Protection should be distributed all around your house, especially if you have interior flooring that can easily be damaged or that will be permanently stained by dirt and grime (like carpet). Many homes have doors leading out into the backyard or into the garage, as well as out from the kitchen side, or even out from bedrooms. While you may wish to use something that’s a bit more eye-catching at your front entrance, you could potentially go with more reserved options for a back door mat or garage door mats.

The very best front door mat isn’t outside of your reach—especially not because of cost or due to a lack of available choices! Regardless of how unique your situation may be, we’re certain that there’s a mat that will fit all your needs.

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