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Rubber Swing Set Mats 54” Diameter


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California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    • Water, UV and weather resistant swing set mat
    • Circular shape allows this mat to be a distinct focal point
    • 6mm thick and 54-inches in diameter circular mat
    • Protective outdoor mat for under swings
    • Tread-plate surface texture adds traction

    Water Resistant:  Since this rubber mat to go under swing sets is water resistant, it will reduce any moisture acclamation in and around swing landing areas. This will help increase safety by dispersing water and keeping it from accumulating under damaged landscaping. Water collected in one area will always be a slip concern and when on top of landscaped play areas, then it can cause heartache for those who do laundry.

    Circle marks the Spot: Having a landing spot in a swing set helps reduce injuries by creating a focal point. This forces the user of the play area to be aware of the proper spot to stop. In addition, the roughened surface texture of the swing set rubber mat adds traction to an already very slip-resistant rubber product and will help the stop the speedy landing.  The round design of the rubber swing set mats makes them a perfect sport marker!

    Reduce Damage to Playground Floors: Using rubber under swing set mats will protect the landing areas from excessive abrasion. This circular rubber mat will act as a protective layer to absorb the abrasions caused by rubbing feet onto swing landing areas. By acting as a buffer between the playground floors and foot-traffic, this affordable under the swing mat adds life to your play area floors. Changing or repairing playground surfacing is expensive, while adding in a replaceable rubber mat to protect heavy traffic area is far less expensive!

    Why place rubber mats under swing sets?

    • UV and weather resistance
    • They mark the landing spot
    • They protect the subfloors & save repair costs
    • Water resistant and will keep moisture on top of the mat
    • Slip-resistant and will reduce slip and falls
    • Makes the play area more pleasant by covering damaged areas

    Volume Pricing

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    6mm x 54″ OD $135.00 $128.25 $124.88 $118.13

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    Made from rugged, outdoor-friendly vulcanized rubber material, this rubber swing set mat is a quick and affordable way to protect damaged playground areas. The edge of this circular mat is beveled for added safety. This round shaped rubber mat is unique in design and an aesthetic addition for any space.


    Vulcanized Rubber




    26 lbs




    54" Diameter

    Why A Swing Set Mat?

    Swings are a popular piece of a playground equipment. Kids learn to generate the swing’s power by “pumping” a swing or thrusting their legs. The playground swing is a type of pendulum and is empowered by the legs and is stopped by the legs & feet. Bringing the swing to a stop generally causes abrasions on the surface of the playground floor. This creates patchy landscaping and scarred playground flooring. Swing set rubber mats are the perfect way to protect the swing areas with an inexpensive layer of protection. Rubber swing mats are far more affordable than continuously updating your playground floors.


    This rubber mat for under swing areas features a diamond-grip surface texture, enhancing the foot-traffics traction. Surface textures are used to intentionally increase traction on rubber mats. And this diamond surface texture helps in increasing footing in otherwise problematic playground areas.

    Outdoor Friendly:

    Since this large mat is made from rubber, it can be left outdoors in all types of weather conditions. The rubber is vulcanized for added resilience, and it is designed to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles.


    This rubber mat is a low-maintenance product that is very easy to clean. For best results, simply use a wet cloth or a mop with a simple commercial cleaning solution. Please do not use caustic cleaning agents such as bleach.


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