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Watch How Installing Safety Playground Surfaces Can Protect Children!

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., June 7, 2011

The Tallman family was fed up and embarrassed with their unattractive backyard. The small outdoor space was unsightly and dangerous for their young son, Jacob. Entertaining was out of the question. Instead the family resorted to leaving their drapes shut tight to prevent guests from seeing their dirty little secret. Desperate to turn this space into an outdoor sanctuary, the Tallman’s looked to DIY Network’s “Grounds for Improvement” for help.

Show hostess Jackie Taylor and landscape expert Dean Hill assured the family that hope was not lost on their dysfunctional backyard. The home improvement specialists went to work turning the drab exterior into an area the Tallman’s would be proud to show off, while also saving their son Jacob from painful skinned knees. For the playground safety surfacing the DIY network approached Rubber-Cal, the outdoor playground matting specialists!

To give the space some color and life, the team custom-built planter boxes filled to the rim with colorful plants. Because the Tallman were ‘hip’ to the modern theme, a bright blue side paneling was used to cover the aged wooden fence surrounding the yard.

Perhaps the biggest and most dramatic change came with the addition of Rubber-Cal’s outdoor playground matting. Using recycled safety tiles made from discarded tires added color, warmth, and a safer play surface for the family’s son. The Eco-Safety recycled safety tiles make for an ideal safety playground safety surfacing!

The “Grounds for Improvement” team guided the Tallman’s through the entire installation process. The 24 x 24 inch tiles snapped together quickly using specially designed three inch pins on each side. The size of the tiles was perfect for covering ground fast and helped to cut down the cost. The less you need, the less you have to spend.

Dean explains to the homeowner why these specific interlocking tiles are a perfect playground safety surfacing. The thick one-inch recycled safety tiles are extremely forgiving, cushioned, and slip resistant. The unique beveled edge also helps to prevent tripping, while the softer surface helps to cushion the blow from an accidental fall. The brightly colored tiles complimented the blue tone of the fence nicely creating a space that felt much larger than it did before.

The Tillman’s were thrilled with the transformation that the Eco-Safety outdoor playground matting brought about and now they can relax while their son plays safely in their new and improved backyard getaway.

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