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“Chelsea” Rubber Stair Treads


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California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    • Weather resistant, indoor/outdoor stair treads for stairways
    • “Chelsea”-style corrugations and rubber materials generate slip-resistance even when wet
    • Natural and reclaimed rubber composition makes these rubber safety stair treads environmentally-friendly products
    • Simple DIY-installation with use of a semi-permanent, double-sided tape adhesive
    • Sized 9.75” x 29.125″

    “Chelsea” Corrugations
    : The “Chelsea” pattern on the surfaces of these non-slip stair mats further increase these mats’ slip-resistance—on top of rubber’s natural traction-enhancing properties. These ridges are patterned in a hook-like, linking formation, creating a textured surface that shoes can easily grip onto for sturdy footing. These mats’ texture increase non-slip staircase safety while also working to scrape away unwanted debris from shoe-soles.

    Durable Rubber Composition: The natural and reclaimed rubber materials used in the production of these wave-patterned staircase mats are extremely durable. Natural rubber is harvested from the rubber tree, and it naturally resists abrasions and absorbs shocks. On the other hand, reclaimed rubber is derived from discarded vehicle tires, which are often made of blends of rubber. Because these mats are made with reclaimed rubber, they inherit the resilient properties that make car tires so durable. Thus, these non-slip stair mats can be used on both interior and exterior staircases without worry of damage from or to the environment.

    Staircase Safety: The “Chelsea” Rubber Stair Treads promote staircase safety in the face of weather and heavy foot-traffic. Rubber is inherently water-resistant and traction-enhancing, so these mats will increase traction even in the face of moisture. Furthermore, the 3/16” thickness of these rubber stair mats protects the steps themselves. Damaged, uneven steps can themselves be tripping hazards, and they are often costly to repair.

    Easy Do-It-Yourself: These wave-patterned stair mats can be easily installed or customized without professional help. Made of 3/16”-thick rubber, these wavy staircase mats can be easily installed using adhesives such as a double-sided tape. The DIY-friendliness of these corrugated stair mats makes them easy to install for any home- or business-owner.

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    1/8″ x 9.75″” x 29.125″ (6 pack) $75.00 $71.25 $69.38 $65.63

    See “Chelsea” Rubber Stair Treads in Action

    “Chelsea” Rubber Stair Treads

    “Waves” Rubber Stair Treads

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    This rubber mat is made from reclaimed and natural rubber raw materials. This combination makes for a product with a higher quality footprint, thanks for the use of natural rubber, while the reclaimed rubber ingredients allow for a more affordable product. The surface texture of this stair tread mat is an ideal, gripping design that will add an extra layer of non-slip protection to your stairs.


    Reclaimed and Natural Rubber


    9.75" x 29.125", 1.5 lbs. per mat



    Available Colors:



    Commercial Stairways, Indoor Stairs, Outdoor Stairs

    Safety on Stairs:

    According to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, in an average year, roughly 1.1 million people in the U.S. suffer from a staircase-related injury. Serious falls occur frequently on stairs with inconsistent dimensions, surface textures, and grip. Since stairs are a core feature of all modern commercial or residential buildings, the oversight of foot-traffic in these spaces must be undertaken with safety as the primary driver.

    Texture Consistency:

    Pedestrian movement on stairs is a complex, three-dimensional, and dynamic process. Inconsistent, smaller goings are thought to reduce users' foot clearances and foot-contact lengths since individuals do not detect the hazard and alter their behavior prior to the inconsistency, increasing the risk of a trip, heel-catch, or over-step and potential slip on the stairs. Rubber stair mats add much needed surface consistency to otherwise older, damaged, or uneven floors.


    For temporary installations that may require extra assurance, a double-sided tape is more than sufficient to keep these mats in place. For permeant installations using adhesive, installation guides are available upon request.


    Simply shake, brush, or rinse this rubber matting for quick and easy cleaning!

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