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Why Floor Mat Company

At Floor Mat, a Rubber-Cal webstore, it is our duty to educate our visitors and our community about all things flooring. When you’re looking into rubber products, such as rubber floor mats, doormats, boot scrapers, kitchen mats, equipment mats or runner mats, the Floor Mat Company is there to provide you with expert-level knowledge about products and applications, as well as give you a customer service experience that is unbeatably excellent. We do not wish to be an ordinary company, and we intend to show you just why that is every step of the way, from start to finish.

Here are a few reasons why Floor Mat should be you first choice for rubber floor mats, doormats, and specialty flooring products:

User-Friendliness:Our webstore is designed to make your shopping experience easy from beginning to end. We proudly display our products and all pertinent information about them throughout our entire site. If you need to do a bit of research for your application, we’ve already done it for you! Research about products and the applications they can be used for is readily available for all site visitors, to ensure that they know exactly how our products can contribute to the success of your flooring projects. And if for any reason you can’t find the right answers on our site, we’ve made ourselves 100% available for phone calls, e-mail inquiries, and walk-ins to our brick-and-mortar location in sunny Southern California.
Product Quality:We are so confident in our products that we guarantee their durability and functionality for a minimum of three years. Our products are made with only the highest-quality, natural, recycled, and synthetic rubber materials, ensuring that they will last through any application without fear of needing replacement. We’re confident that the only reason you’ll need to come back to Floor Mat is to start a new project or expand upon your old ones!
Ultimate Affordability:Whether you buy rubber floor mats, doormats, gym mats, boot scrapers, kitchen mats, equipment mats, or runner mats we try of offer incredibly affordable products! On top of that, we offer the lowest shipping rates in the industry, further cutting down on the costs of your project. If that weren’t enough, we offer expert advice on how to go about your projects in a Do-It-Yourself fashion, so that you won’t need to spend that extra green on installation costs.

A “Green” Company: At Floor Mat, we’re committed to protecting the environment in every way we can. That being the case, we make every effort to promote eco-friendly products, as well as continue to add them to our ever-expanding line of products. Whether you buy rubber floor mats, doormats, gym mats, boot scrapers, kitchen mats, equipment mats, or runner mats most our products are made from recycled or natural rubbers, helping to conserve energy, keep the environment healthy, and reduce waste across the country.

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Huge Inventory:We have the largest inventory of products in the country! Unlike other rubber matting companies, we stock our own products on-site, meaning that we can ship out most orders within 24 hours of placement. Our connection to our products makes for a better experience with our customers. Seeing our products daily keeps us sharp about their uses and the potential needs of our customers.

Long-Time Family Business:At Floor Mat, we strive to create long-time business relationships and value having long-term employees that can grow with the company and continue to help us in our service goals. Since 1994, Rubber-Cal has served the growing needs of its community with its “living brand” products, as well as a consistent group of employees who continue to build invaluable relationships with customers, whether they are first-time or returning to our store.

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