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How Can Americas Best Gym Flooring Transform a School Spirit? (ESPN Rise Up)

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., June 7, 2011

Years of use and abuse left the Ingraham High School gymnasium and weight room flooring in need of an immediate upgrade or face losing popular athletic programs. The High School’s mission is “To empower Multi-Ethnic Urban Youth to participate fully in post high school training, in the world of work and society, in order to become productive and responsible citizens in our local and global community.” ESPN teamed up with a variety of fitness equipment firms to bring new life to Ingraham High School’s weight room!

The gym floors were installed in 1959, the year the school was built. It was clear the floors had seen better days and had to be replaced. The weight room was fully equipped with heavy exercise equipment, but they were improperly supported by an assortment of miscellaneous rubber floor mats and unforgiving concrete. The situation worsened when the school faced the possibility of losing both the basketball and volleyball programs because of the level of disrepair. All hope seemed lost.

That is until ESPN “Rise Up” stepped in and came to the aid of the desperate school and its students. Having selected Rubber-Cal’s products as the ideal rubber gym flooring for the repair job, ESPN was able to perform a transformation miracle. Gone were the peeling and cracked floors. Gone were the bare concrete walls. Gone were the broken and tattered rubber pieces. Gone were the cold hard floors of the decrepit weight room.

In their place lay new hardwood floors, padded walls, a modern score board, backboards and a state-of-the-art work out facility, complete with wall-to-wall rubber gym flooring. Thanks to ESPN and Rubber-Cal, the students, coaches and the floundering athletic programs were given a new lease on life.

Zcycle weight room flooring by Rubber-Cal was exactly what the old weight room needed to breathe new life back into it. By using anti-slip rubber floor mats throughout meant better, safer workouts, support for the heavy equipment and a more forgiving surface to protect the student athlete’s muscles and joints. Thanks to ESPN and Rubber-Cal, the facelift dramatically improved the school’s athletic facilities, giving Ingraham arguably the best athletic environment in the Seattle school district.

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