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Rubber Carpet Mats—the Very Best of Two Worlds!

A rubberized mat is a great alternative to a carpeted mat because of the price, durability, safety applications, and ease of use. However, a carpeted option has worthwhile merits as well, such as providing added comfort, a cozier feel, and dirt fighting capabilities. In a space like a home or a more retail-oriented business, carpeted mats may even seem more welcoming than the industrial-chic style of purely rubber surfacing. However, if you can’t decide between the two—you don’t have to! A water absorbent mat is a wonderful combination of all the applications that make each one of these materials so attractive. Just within the threshold of a door, in the high foot-traffic area of an entryway, a rubber carpet mat is also an excellent way to control the mess that often gets trekked in by guests, while also offering a slip resistant surfacing during the rainy and snowy seasons. The use of carpet won’t just make this product comfortable and more aesthetically appealing; it also makes it a water absorbent mat that quickly removes moisture, which will help you keep it off the rest of your flooring effectively combating potential slip-and-fall accidents.

Check out the benefits that each of these materials bring to the table. We’re certain that with the variety of colors and sizes you’ll find the perfect front door carpet for your home or business.

  • The Benefits of Rubber
    1. Safety Applications—Rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction, meaning that a water absorbent mat is going to have amazingly strong grip with the subflooring of your entryway whether it’s hardwood, tile, or linoleum. People tend to be a little absent minded when they’re

stepping into a building—seeming to forget that they are going from one surface type to another, and usually the interior surface is smooth, polished, and potentially slippery! Laying down carpet mats just within your doors can help protect guests from taking nasty falls, especially during rainy or snowy days.

  1. Durability—Many rubber products are derived from recycled material, the main source of which are discarded automobile tires. This is a tough and durable material, particularly when you take into consideration the abrasive environments that tires are specifically designed to stand up against. Tires must have all-weather and all-terrain to withstand the constant exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture, and rough or uneven roads. This is the very same material that is used in several carpet entrance mats! Therefore, you can be sure your water absorbent mat is a tough and resilient product that will last for a very long time.
  2. Affordability—The use of recycled tires isn’t only a boon when it comes to durability but also from an economic standpoint. Because the use of new or virgin rubber is kept to a minimum by virtue of the use of recycled material, the price of producing these products is reduced. These are savings that get passed down directly to consumers, which make these mats not only eco-friendly but also very wallet-friendly too!
  • The Benefits of Carpet
  1. Appearance— A water absorbent mat is available in a variety of sizes and colors, making them a great option when you want to protect and adhere to the integrity of your internal décor. The polypropylene top-surface on some of these mats is beautifully woven to produce elegant and intricate patterns that will add to the aesthetic quality of any home or business. This attention to detail is what makes any place feel just a little more lived-in and therefore welcoming. Adding these little touches to your home is a great idea, but an even better idea for businesses!
  2. Comfort—With the supple and elastic nature of the elastomer used in a carpet rubber mat you would think that that’s all the support needed. But by using a carpeted surface these mats are doubly comfortable. The placement of a water absorbent mat in the entryway will be a welcome relief for guests that have been walking or standing on hard concrete, asphalt, tile, or other hard outside flooring. This might also have the effect of making welcomes and goodbyes just a little bit longer—keeping friends and family standing by the door as they hug and prepare to depart. And while this might make goodbyes a bit more bittersweet, it will also make your home a place that people will readily want to visit more often!
  3. Dirt Fighting Abilities—Although you may have placed a mat just outside of your door where guests can scrape their feet, utilizing carpet entrance mats can ensure that you cover all your bases! A strategically placed water absorbent mat is a great way to catch any lingering debris, moisture, or other residue that may still be clinging to the soles of shoes. A carpeted surface makes for a wonderful water absorbent mat that easily does away with moisture while also capturing dirt and grime in its tightly woven fibers. This can be the difference between clean and damage-free flooring and—something that isn’t taken care of as well as it could be.
Chevron pattern Durable, Functional, and a Sophisticated Carpet Mat blue color at front door
Green mat underneath someone standing with black shoes and blue jeans

Bottom line is that carpet entrance mats will provide the non-slip traction and durability of a rubberized mat with all the comfort, look, and style of carpeted mats. These mats are a great way to provide a safe transition between doorways, entryways, and hallways. And they’re very easy to clean—requiring little else than a good shaking or a once over with a vacuum. There is no doubt that a water absorbent mat is a wonderful investment.

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