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“Terra-Flex” Roll Rubber Flooring


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California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • Available in four creative colors
  • Protects well-traveled commercial floors
  • Thin, protective surface ideal for indoor use
  • Made from premium natural and synthetic rubbers
  • Custom lengths allow for fast, easy DIY flooring installation

Premium Rubber Rolls: Terra-Flex rolled rubber flooring is the ideal protective surfacing for well-traveled residential and commercial buildings. Made with natural and synthetic rubbers, these rolls offer high-quality floor protection in a form that is long lasting and easy to install.

DIY Flooring Installation: This rubber flooring offers fast, easy installation without extra costs. Available in custom lengths up to 50 feet, these rubber rolls can simply be unrolled and secured with strong double-sided tape.

Custom Lengths Up to 50ft: These 4-foot-wide premium rubber rolls can be ordered in custom lengths in 5-foot increments. Purchase Terra-Flex rubber flooring according to the exact dimensions of your floor area to avoid paying for expensive installation and excess material.

Commercial Rubber Flooring: This product comes in a 2MM gauge that is thin and extremely durable. Use this rolled rubber flooring as a thin floor liner for high-traffic walkways and other indoor commercial areas such as airports, bathrooms, and retail spaces. This thin rubber surface has great protective qualities.

Eco-Friendly Floor Protection: This partly sustainable product contains natural rubber tapped from rubber trees. This flooring offers natural durability and great abrasion resistance. Install Terra-Flex rubber rolls in any indoor commercial area for a clean, eco-friendly floor surface that may outlast your sub-floors!

Volume Pricing

Full Roll Pricing 1-4 Rolls 5-19 Rolls 20-49 Rolls 50+ Rolls
2mm x 48″ x 50ft $849.00 $798.06 $768.35 $721.65
Custom Length Pricing 1ft + 50ft. + 250ft. + 1000ft. +
2mm” x 48″ x Custom $21.00 $19.15 $17.67 $15.88

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This is a rubber flooring roll product made from natural and synthetic rubbers. Terra-Flex rolls are a “premium” floor used for applications requiring a resilient flooring option. This floor imitates the look and feel of granite and is available in light colors and shades that imitate those found in nature, an unusual attribute when it comes to rubber flooring. Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma and has been extensively used as a dimension stone and as flooring tiles in public and commercial buildings and monuments. Aberdeen in Scotland, which is constructed principally from local granite, is known as "The Granite City". With this “premium” rubber floor we give you and your designer the ability to place granite-like floors on the ground, yet use flexible and soft materials that are much easier on ankles, joints, and backs.


Natural Rubber & Synthetic Rubber







Weight Per Roll:



85 +/-5 Shore A Nominal, ASTM D2240




Concrete, Mount Olympus, Kalahari Desert, Slate Stone

Temperature Stability:

△E<8, ASTM F1514

Abrasion Resistance:

<0.7, ASDTM D4060

Chemical Resistance:

23C, 1hr: 2%NaCO3, 3%H2SO4 DIN 51958 There is no abnormality when immersed in Alkali or Acid


Yes There was no detection of Fluorine (F), Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), or Iodine (I).

Linear Dimensional Changes:

CD: +0.2%, ASTM D1204, 80 C, 6hrs MD: +0.2%


Class I, ASTM E648


>0.6, ASTM D2047

NBS Smoke Density:

<450, ASTM E-662

Cigarette Burn:

After exposing Terra-Flex rubber floors to the tip of a glowing cigarette, there was slight discoloration but no presence of charring.


Airports, Art Studios, Basement Rubber Flooring, Bathrooms, Boats, Clubhouses, Commercial Vehicles, Conference Rooms, Garage Flooring, Gym Flooring, Health Clubs, Home Gyms, Industrial Applications, Kid’s Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Locker Rooms, Movie Sets, Music Studios, Play Areas, Rubber Garage Flooring, Show Rooms, Stock Rooms, Trailer Rubber Flooring.

Earth Tones:

This product is available in earth tones and colors that are rarely found in rubber flooring like recycled rubber products which are limited to dark colors. Terra-Flex rubber rolls come in a variety of attractive colors that can easily complement any décor theme. It comes as close as possible to nirvana “white rubber flooring!”

Premium Rubber Floors

Terra-Flex rubber flooring is a “premium” natural rubber and synthetic rubber product. This means that your flooring will be made with the highest quality rubber materials available. Natural rubber and synthetic rubber are inherently high quality and both offer unparalleled durability and protection.

Rubber Scent Minimized:

Since this product is made from the highest quality virgin rubber products, the rubbery scent present in other recycled rubber flooring rolls is minimized in Terra-Flex.

Permanent Installations:

Terra-Flex rubber flooring can be permanently adhered to a hard subsurface using BASF Chemrex® CX-941 Adhesive (this product requires a solvent-free adhesive).

Temporary Installations:

This product can be installed on a semi-permanent basis with double-sided carpet tape. Shurtape DF 545 is the recommended double sided tape. This double-faced cloth tape can be removed cleanly and without leaving any residue behind should this rubber floor product require removal.

Indoor Rubber Flooring:

This rubber matting product is not recommended for outside use. Extended exposure to sunlight can lead to discoloration in this product.


This product can be cleaned using everyday household cleaners or cleaning implements. Indoor cleaning involves a broom, damp mop, or vacuum cleaner.

Natural Flooring:

This product has a high content of natural rubber. Natural rubber sap is a sustainable resource that is harmlessly extracted from Para rubber trees and gives this product its enhanced durability and elasticity. Not only is this product durable and aesthetically pleasing, it is also an environmentally friendly flooring option! We have produced two videos shot in Malaysian and Indian rubber plantations depicting this sustainable method of rubber production. To become better acquainted with natural rubber and its extraction from trees please visit:

Custom Cuts:

Buy this rolled product in any length. Custom lengths up to 50 feet are available so as to limit waste, lower overall costs, and make installation easier for the consumer.


The Terra-Flex flooring rolls are usually inventoried in every color and shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Even custom-cut orders can ship within 24 hours.

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