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Terra-Flex Nutmeg Oak Luxury Vinyl Flooring


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  • Dark wood stain provides this vinyl flooring with aesthetic adaptability for a range of different design styles
  • The ideal surfacing for use as art studio flooring or as a garage floor cover
  • Bottom surface of this rolled flooring helps keep this product in place once installed
  • A very easy product to cut down to size if needed; just use a sharp utility knife and a straightedge ruler
  • Between the layers of virgin PVC is a layer of fiberglass whose purpose is to prevent structural warping in hot and cold temperatures

Wooden Aesthetic, PVC Durability: Wood floors may look nice, but they present several significant drawbacks. One of the biggest concerns that owners of wood floors have to look out for is physical damage. This can take the form of scuffs, marks, chips, and cracks. Water, oils, and greases can also wreak havoc on wood. This PVC roll out flooring effectively minimizes the chances of such damage occurring to your existing floors, all the while maintaining the appearance of genuine wood. The top surface of this vinyl flooring is composed of a tough and durable virgin PVC resin that can stand up to physical abrasion. It is also very resistant to the damaging effects of moisture, oils, and greases. Whether you use this as a garage floor cover or wall-to-wall flooring for your family living room, the PVC material will last for a long period of time.

Lower Cost vs. Real Wood: Hardwood floors have always been a popular flooring option for decades, but it always comes at a very high dollar value. With this vinyl flooring, you can get the appearance of wood floors but at a more competitive and budget friendly rate. Since this PVC rolled flooring is available in larger sizes, you can cover a larger space with less material, which essentially saves you more money at the end of the day.

Quick and Easy Installation: The prospect of installing new floors can be very daunting to some people. In many cases this is rightly so because of the time and money it can consume. This roll out flooring is different. It is designed to provide the end user with the ability to quickly and efficiently install it in a given area with minimal effort. It is best to install this vinyl flooring with the help of double-sided tape. The tape will keep the flooring roll secure in the area, but also allow you to move the rolls in case the need arises.

Volume Pricing

Full Roll Pricing 1-4 Rolls 5-19 Rolls 20-49 Rolls 50+ Rolls
2mm x 60″ x 10ft $180.00 $171.00 $166.50 $157.50
2mm x 60″ x 25ft $385.00 $365.75 $356.13 $336.88
2mm x 60″ x 57ft $750.00 $712.50 $693.75 $656.25

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Quick Guide to Installing Rubber Flooring Using Double-Sided Tape

How to Cut Rubber Flooring


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PVC sheet floor with a dark stain, resembling heirloom wood floors of yesteryear. This PVC sheet floor is available in a 60” width and three length options, 10ft, 25ft, and 57ft flooring rolls. This easy to install floor has a cushioned bottom surface and a smooth top making it ideal for residential kitchens, fitness rooms, attics, garages, and basement floors.


Top Layer:
Resin : virgin PVC – 0.5kg/m
Plasticizer : DOTP – 0.6kg/m
Stabilizer : Barium, zinc – 2.0kg/m
Treatment : UV – 5.73kg/m

Bottom Layer:
Virgin PVC- 0.49/m
DOTP : 0.58kg/m
Filler : 0.08kg/m
Pigment(ink) : 1.93kg/m


60” inch


10ft, 25ft and 57ft rolls


2mm or 0.08-inch


10ft. Roll- 18lbs, 25ft. Roll- 41lbs, 57ft. Roll- 90lbs


Nutmeg Oak


Art Studios, Bathroom Flooring, Break Rooms, Clubhouses, Exercise Equipment Flooring, Flooring for a Basement, Garage Floor Coverings, Health Clubs, Home Gyms, Hotel Lobbies, Kitchen Flooring.


PVC has excellent chemical resistance together with good mechanical properties, therefore is used for chemical storage tanks, plastic valves/flanges, drainage/sewage pipes, and plant piping. Under normal conditions of use, the factor most strongly influencing the durability of a material is resistance to oxidation by atmospheric oxygen. PVC, having the molecular structure where the chlorine atom is bound to every other carbon chain, is highly resistant to oxidative reactions, and maintains its performance for a long time.

Ease of Installation:

This PVC sheet flooring can easily be DIY installed by anyone using a double-sided tape.


(1) Lower product costs means that you pay less per square foot.
(2) Little installation costs since it can be done by almost anyone using a 2-sided tape
(3) Lower maintenance costs
(4) Product with a longer life-span
(5) Do-It-Yourself easy installation means no money spent on hiring outside help


The subsurface of this PVC sheet flooring product is textured with a rough design so that it does a better job of staying in place on top of the base flooring it is laid on.

Easy to Cut:

Cutting this flooring product is an easy process. All you need is a utility knife with a sharp blade and a straightedge for more precise and straight cuts.

Why Dark Floors:

Realtors suggest spotless dark floors are very appealing to buyers. This is due to the contrast afforded by lighter colors furniture, fixtures and walls. The dark floors allows for pieces on the floors to standout. Luckily PVC sheet flooring will not get scuffed as easily as real wood does, hence keeping your realtor happy!

Cost Effective Floors:

PVC sheet flooring is far more affordable than other floors because (1) the product is less expensive (2) its installation far less expensive (3) and its care requires minimum costs. This is a floor that will maintain its appearance when wet (unlike real wood floors), in high traffic areas, and in high impact areas. This is an ideal floor for spaces built on a budget.


This PVC flooring roll can be cleaned with most common household cleaners and degreasers. Caustic cleaning agents like bleach must be avoided.


Terra-Flex flooring is always in stock, and will generally ship the same day.

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