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Rubber “Under Refrigerator Mat”


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California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Waterproof Mat for Under Fridge: Refrigerators are moist appliances that cause the buildup of condensation within and on the outside of the machine. Defective door seals, blocked vents, liquids and wet materials within the fridge, defective drain pan can all lead to moisture escaping to the exterior of the appliance. If your kitchen floors are affected adversely by wet conditions, then considering purchasing a refrigerator floor mat is a must.

Floor Mat for Mini-Fridge: Mini-fridges form a lot of condensation on the back of the machines. This is called a wet wall fridge. Believe it or not, the wet wall is part of normal functioning of mini fridges. Outside humidity and the temperature of the contents inside will influence the degree of condensation inside the fridge. When the mini-fridge cools, the humidity turns to condensation on the coldest place in the fridge which is the back wall. This means moisture on your floors. Consider a rubber mat for under a mini-fridge a definitive part of installing your appliance.

Under the Freezer Mat: Freezer are far colder than any outside temperature anytime and they tend to leak because either a drain pan is filled or is broke, the freezer is defrosting too much, or the drain hole is clogged. You will never be forewarned of a moisture problem with your freezer and adding a rubber mat for under freezers is a smart buy at the outset.

Universal Rubber Mat: Appliances that creep and crawl can damage floors! Floor protector for moving appliances is a great way to keep your subfloors from experiencing abrasion from the equipment above. Rubber mats add a lot of traction, and this rubber mat is no different. It will aid in reducing the ability of a moving machine to walk! In addition, these mats can be used as walk in freezer floor mats. Their non-slip and moisture resistant qualities allow them to work well as traction mats.

  • Very durable made with natural and reclaimed rubbers
  • Multiple sizes offer options for any appliance
  • A wear resistant mat to prevent scuffs and abrasion
  • Completely water-resistant rubber fridge mats
  • Texture on the surface of the mat adds slip-resistance
  • 5mm thick, and available in three sizes
  • Beveled edge to lower the mat surface to the ground

Volume Pricing

Mat Pricing 1 Unit+ 10 Unit+ 25 Unit+ 100 Unit+
5mm x 36″ x 48″ $99.00 $94.05 $91.58 $86.63
5mm x 32″ x 56″ $105.00 $99.75 $97.13 $91.88
5mm x 32″ x 72″ $120.00 $114.00 $111.00 $105.00

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The under the fridge mats are rubber products designed to protect kitchen flooring and other surfaces from the detrimental effects of moisture dripping from refrigerators and freezers. This very affordable refrigerator floor protector will reduce the cleaning and replacement costs of your expensive outdoor floors. This rubber mat is made from natural rubber and reclaimed rubber products and is a vulcanized rubber mat. It is completely water resistant and will not allow light moisture to pass to the surface of your floors.


Natural Rubber and Reclaimed Rubber


48" x 36" – 16.9bs
56" x 32" – 17.6lbs
72" x 32" – 22.4lbs




60 Shore A Nominal



How is Moisture Created?

As a freezer operates, it produces moisture. Condensation is the process of water vapor turning back into liquid water and the temperatures difference around the fridge and freezer facilitate this process. One source of condensation and drippings could be dirty or torn door gaskets. When this is ripped or damaged, the airtight seal is no longer present and warm humid air can enter the fridge causing moisture to form. A more problematic source of moisture buildup is an overfilled drip pan, normally situated under the fridge or freezer. The refrigerators drip pan collects any moisture created when it comes out of the appliances drain.

Why an Under the Fridge?

Your floors are an expensive investment. Wood, carpet, tiles floors can easily be damaged with moisture, regardless of the volume. This rubber mat will hold light amounts of moisture on its surface, so that it does not reach expensive permanent floors below. The cost of this very inexpensive rubber fridge mat should be judged against the repairer and replacement of your floors!

Floor Protection:

The average cost of wood flooring is $15-$20 per square foot installed. Carpet is about $5-10 per square foot, while laminate will vacillate from $5-$13 installed. Flooring a home is not cheap and damage from refrigerator moisture may not be local to your kitchen. A rubber floor protector for fridges and freezers, is a smart investment, especially if your fridge is a little older.


Since this rubber mat is made from natural and reclaimed rubber materials, it demonstrates good resistances to moisture and to mild cleaning solutions, allowing you to clean the mat with your favorite household detergent. But, please refrain from using bleach or other strong, caustic cleaners: Strong chemicals can cause the rubber mat to discolor or degrade.


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