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Want to Know How to Build Gym or a Fitness Room?

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., September 25, 2012

ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and the Rubber-Cal rubber flooring company journeyed to Fort Hood, Texas to pay a visit to one very deserving couple, a year after a mass-shooting at the base altered their lives forever. What role did rubber gym flooring play in this very special episode of the hit ABC show?

While deployed overseas, American soldiers are exposed to unimaginable dangers and mayhem on a daily basis. No one ever expects them to come under fire back home in the States and especially not from the hands of one of their own.

That is precisely what happened to Staff Sgt, Patrick Zeigler on November 5. 2009. On that ill-fated day U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan went on a rampage at the Fort Hood Military Post in Killeen, TX, firing over a hundred rounds at soldiers and civilians on base. When the chaos finally subsided, 13 people were killed and 32 others wounded. Among the victims was Staff Sgt. Patrick Zeigler. The solider should not have even been at the base on that day. He had only been home for two weeks. Ziegler came home weeks ahead of his unit because he had been selected as an officer candidate.

Ziegler was shot four times, including once in the head, and was not expected to survive. But, he did. Severely injured, Ziegler faced years of rehabilitation to bring a sense of normalcy back to his life. To help alleviate some of the burden of spending hour working in gyms and rehab centers, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” went to Rubber-Cal for gym flooring rubber to use in Ziegler’s home rehab facility.

Recycled rubber flooring is perfect for home gyms and workout rooms. Rubber flooring is naturally forgiving. It relieves pressure on joints and muscles, but is still rigid enough to support and protect heavy exercise equipment. Rubber-Cal is proud to have donated our all-weather and durable Elephant Bark recycled rubber flooring. With its natural elasticity, the Elephant Bark rubber gym flooring was an easy choice for use in Patrick and Jessica’s home gym and rehabilitation room.

We at Rubber-Cal are honored to have been able to assist “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” in offering Patrick and Jessica a new lease on life. On behalf of all companies involved in the episode, Rubber-Cal wishes the happy couple all the best with their new home and a brighter future.

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