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Benefits of Sports: A new start for a struggling town with ESPN’s Rise Up

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., June 7, 2011

ESPN’s original series “Rise Up” tells the story of four high schools that have fallen into disrepair. Tough economic times have left students, coaches and teachers feeling hopeless and in desperate need of better facilities and a brighter future. The inspirational four- episode mini-series showcases the rebirth of these schools from start to the triumphant finish. Through dramatic renovations that include, new gymnasiums, weight rooms, playing fields and other athletic facilities, ESPN attempts to turn these schools around in hopes of changes the student and teachers outlook on life.

In this video ESPN and Rubber-Cal team up to get the Wellston High School Golden Rockets soaring once again. The school was on its last legs. The countries economic downturn hit the small community hard. Several small businesses were forced to close their doors for good. The school appeared to be headed down that same path until “Rise Up” and Rubber-Cal came to the rescue. Wellston is a public high school in Wellston, Ohio. It is the only high school in the Wellston City School District. The school’s nickname is the Golden Rockets and the school’s official colors are blue and gold.

ESPN asked for Rubber-Cal’s help in saving Wellston and turning these kids’ dreams into reality. ESPN wanted to provide each school they helped with the best facilities and materials available. That’s why they choose to use Rubber-Cal’s Elephant Bark rubber floor mats. Each gym equipment mat is made from recycled rubber, a superior slip-resistant and shock-absorbing material.

By partnering with Rubber-Cal, the “Rise Up” crew ensured the students of Wellston would have the finest rubber floor mats and exercise gym mats in all of Ohio. Each new gym equipment mat doesn’t just look great; they are designed to keep students safe and comfortable during strenuous workouts. Plus, each rubber gym mat is designed to support and protect the heavy gym equipment and saving them from unnecessary damage and wear.

Before the renovation, the weight room was unsafe and falling apart. The equipment was rusted, broken and unusable. The rubber gym mat was missing tiles, leaving parts of the concrete below exposed. By installing brand new Elephant Bark exercise gym mats and replacing the weigh-lifting equipment, the weight-room was transformed into a state-of-the-art fitness haven. Something the students of Wellston never thought possible.

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