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Message mat with warning of having a dog inside your host's house

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Aloha Beach Mat

Your front door is the most important gateway into your home or business and should be treated as such with the use of a high-quality door mat. Having the right door mat can mean the difference between a memorable and a forgettable first impression of someone’s home or office. This is the perfect space to showcase your sense of style or your sense of humor. Here at the Floor Mat Company, we offer a wide variety of all-weather mats—everything from modern to elegant, heartfelt messages to silly and funny sayings, we even carry options for animal lovers, avid gardeners, and art enthusiasts! We employ the use of many high-quality materials, most of which are well-suited for outdoor applications making our door mat line excellent and durable options for home or commercial doormats. Our cute door mats are much more than just a pretty showpiece – they provide excellent interior floor protection and slip-resistant, which will provide guests and customers with a little oasis of safety as they walk in and out of your building.

Immediately add curb appeal to your building with a door mat from the Floor Mat Company. With so many available styles, we are certain that we can meet the requirements of nearly any aesthetic needs. Some of our laid-back and funny options are perfect for the home or a private space such as a workshop, man-cave, or family room. We also carry other door mat options, which are elegant and can add a professional appearance to your business entryways. Again, decorative door mats are critical to helping establish a guest’s first impression of your home and can make for an interesting, memorable, and welcoming conversation piece.

Floor Mat Company’s door mat line is a great way to provide excellent shoe scraping qualities, anti-slip safety, and interior floor protection. The richly textured surface of our mats does not just provide added traction and grip—the very design of our textured or coir doormat is meant to help catch and trap debris and moisture that could otherwise be trekked indoors and cause safety hazards and damage to your exterior floors. Place a scraper door mat at every entrance that leads into your building to help keep these destructive and dangerous substances off your floors! The top surfaces of these entrance mats hold and remove excess debris and water from the surface of the all-weather mats, thereby increasing the overall safety you and your guests will experience when using these mats!

We are committed to bringing quality products to our customers—for that reason our mats are made from materials that are well-suited and specifically designed to stand up to any complication that may arise from their intended use. Our doormats are no different! We offer a variety of recycled rubber and natural fiber scraper mats for commercial and residential entryways. Our smaller scraper mats are perfect for homes and are designed to scrape dirt off shoes, preventing interior floor damage all year round. We also carry rubberized runners with scraping capabilities and colorful carpet mats in larger sizes making them perfect for commercial use. Because these doormats are made primarily from recycled materials, they are inherently eco-friendly products. Each time you buy a door mat made from natural or recycled material, you are effectively preventing that same amount’s worth of synthetic material from being produced and, eventually, ending up in a landfill.

After reviewing the numerous positive attributes of our door mat line it’s easy to see why they are lauded so highly! Built to be tough as well as aesthetically appealing, our all-weather mats will stand up to the abrasive conditions of outdoor applications and heavy foot-traffic. The materials we use are durable and resilient and best of all—very easy to care for. Nearly all our door mat products can be picked up and shaken out, run over with the vacuum, and some washed off with a hose, making them very convenient to use. We know our consumers are busy, that’s why these entrance mats have been designed to be as effective and efficient as possible. From their easy-clean surfacing to their durable construction, our doormats are the epitome of quality. Protecting your visitors and your interior floors, while showcasing your personality, has never been easier than now with the use of a Floor Mat Company door mat!

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