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Keep Kids Safe by Do It Yourself Playground Flooring in Play Areas!

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., June 7, 2011

“Extra Yardage” with host Billy Derian is a landscaping show on the DIY network that helps frustrated homeowners turn their run-down and neglected backyards, patios and decks into one-of-a-kind outdoor entertainment spaces. Derian is a world class landscape designer and builder with a keen eye for turning useless spaces around. By using the latest and greatest designs, materials and concepts, the “Extra Yardage” crew creates outdoor environments the homeowners could have never dreamed of owning. From fancy outdoor kitchens, to specialty-themes oasis and beyond, DIY and Extra Yardage do it all with style and pizzazz.

In the episode featured in the video, the homeowners wanted to turn their empty dirt covered yard into a space for their young daughter to be able to run and play safely. DIY Network and “Extra Yardage” called on Rubber-Cal to provide the outdoor rubber flooring tiles for this backyards brand new, child safe play area.

Rubber-Cal answered the bell by providing Derian and his team with the eco-conscious outdoor playground flooring made from recycling old tires. The Eco-Sport recycled floor tiles were easy-to-install and soft enough to protect the homeowners’ daughter if she were to accidentally trip or fall. The outdoor rubber flooring tiles chosen for the build are the same high quality rubber flooring tiles you would find at a public park or playground. To be the best, you have to provide the best. Once Again, Rubber-Cal and the DIY Network succeeded at doing just that.

Rubber-Cal has an excellent working relationship with the DIY network and its brand of home improvement programming. Because Rubber-Cal specializes in recycled floor tiles that are as beautiful as they are useful, it was only natural that shows like “Extreme Yardage” come to the rubber flooring company for their high-quality outdoor playground flooring.

Rubber-Cal is happy to have been part of another successful radical renovation. By deciding upon the Eco Sport tiles, DIY Network’s “Extra Yardage” created a safe and durable play surface that the homeowners were thrilled with. The redesigned space was a win-win, with its attractive look and the added safety of cushioned rubber flooring tiles.

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