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Top 10 Places That Need a Diamond-Plate Floor?

Molded after the classic metal diamond-plate pattern that is widely known and appreciated by everyone from grease monkeys to craft-y stay-at-home mothers, rubber diamond-plate flooring doesn’t just offer versatility but also high aesthetic appeal. Why would anyone switch over from the original metal plate design to one made of rubber? Well, one reason to do so is the adaptability of sizes, such as pre-made 4×8 diamond plate sheets (which are a whole lot easier to cut than metal sheets). There’s also the multi-usefulness of rubber! Unlike metal, rubber has natural water-resistant qualities that will prevent rust, allowing it to be used for a number of applications where moisture is present. But there are many more reasons, most of which can be better outlined through real-world examples. Here our top 10 places that absolutely need a diamond plate floor!

    1. The Inside of a Car
  • If you’re one of the 143 million Americans that drives a car, then chances are that your car experiences a variety of environments. From dry and dusty, to wet and muddy! The design of the rubber diamond-plate flooring provides remarkable traction, which is absolutely necessary when you’re bringing the elements in on the soles of your shoes.

    1. The Gym
    2. Whether it’s a home gym or a commercial gym, diamond-plate floor comes in varying thickness, making it useful for any number of applications. From weight training, and treadmill running, to yoga bending, the traction and water-resistant properties of rubber will provide much needed added safety especially when people are getting their sweat on!

    1. The Garage
    2. The garage is a common place to see a diamond plate floor, and usually it’s seen in metal. However, with all the spills of oil and other liquids associated with the maintenance of a car, rubber, with its anti-slip assets, seems to be a far more appropriate contender! Metal, even with its traction-design, can still become a dangerously slippery surface.

    1. The Tool Shed
    2. Tool sheds are a wonderful commodity for homeowners. We use them to put away anything from bulky toys to dangerous gardening equipment. A rubber floor with a diamond plate design will do wonders in a space like this with its added traction (especially necessary when lifting, pulling, or moving heavy equipment). Plus, it will also protect your equipment by keeping your toolshed floor nice and dry.

    1. The Home Workbench/Work-area
    2. Rubber diamond-plate flooring is a practical and cost-effective way to bring slip resistance, warmth, and comfort to any work area. Ideal for any DIY handyman or woman, setting down your own specialized rubber surfacing will get you started on the right track to any and all home improvement projects.

    1. The Work Place
    2. Depending on what sort of industry you’re working in, rubber diamond pattern surfacing can provide employees with added comfort on top of added safety. With rubber being supple and providing an anti-fatigue surface, the industrial-inspired design of this particular flooring option will keep your business looking like a business.

    Diamond Plate Rubber Mat placed on gym floor
    2 25 weight dumbbells on top of a gray diamond plate mat
    1. The Boat
    2. Whether it’s a pleasure cruiser or a small rowboat for fishing, a diamond plate floor is an invaluable addition. With frequently wet surfaces, rubbers natural ability to repel moisture along with the added traction of the design is going to keep you, your first-mate, and anyone else safe from falling overboard! And with this particular application, there’s the added benefit of not having to worry about rust! Unlike metal mats and plates of the same design, rubber doesn’t have a negative chemical reaction to water. A quick brush of a broom and a sweep of the mop is all the maintenance your rubber will need.

    1. The Inside of a Trailer
    2. This is the ideal place for rubber diamond-plate flooring. You may be hauling furniture or expensive equipment or something as precious as a beloved extra-large pet (such as a horse), but diamond plated flooring will ensure a safe and comfortable ride, as well as more secure loading and unloading. Also, when you’re traveling with a living creature that can’t ask you to pull over for a bathroom break, rubber’s incredible and durable properties are really put to the test. Rubber, when properly taken care of, provides bacteria with a hostile environment which prevents it from growing. This product will keep everyone healthy and expensive equipment and furniture safe from damage.

      1. The Truck Bed

      With rubber being grease-and-moisture resistant, and not to mention sturdy, durable, and cost-effective, there really is no better place to put down a diamond-plate floor than in the bed of a truck. Eco-friendly flooring made from recycled rubber tires will give you more bang for your buck. Vehicle tires are manufactured to endure the sun’s rays, ozone, excessive moisture, and other abrasions, making them incredibly long lasting.

    1. The Game Room
    2. A game room is a place where families often get together to share in fun activities. But fun and games can quickly turn to tears if someone takes a nasty spill or accidentally spills something! 4×8 diamond plate sheets are easy to install, and rubber is easy to cut to fit any particular nook and cranny. And best of all, rubber is incredibly easy to maintain, meaning that clean-up is a breeze. Rather than risk damage to hardwood or tile floors or pay for costly professional carpet cleaning, installing rubber flooring will ensure that the fun never stops.

    That’s our list of top 10 places that need a diamond plate floor. Playing on the versatility of rubber, and outlining many of its amazing properties, we came up with some convincing arguments on why someone should consider using this specific rubber design. Lastly, don’t forget about the adaptability of rubber diamond-plate flooring when it comes to oddly shaped spaces. Whether you’re looking for the normal 4×8 diamond plate sheets to put under a treadmill or if you need something a little more specific, rubber flooring is unquestionably up to the task.

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