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Boot Scraper—Why is a Coir Boot Scrubber Better than a Metal One?

A boot scraper can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of the time a boot and shoe scraper will be made out of heavy cast iron with intricate designs, which showcase the homeowner’s interest or humor. The idea behind the scraper is simple enough—it provides a raised ledge on which to scrape a boot or shoe against, effectively removing dirt and mud. During the wet seasons, especially if you live in a place that sees a lot of snow or rain, this becomes a highly practical tool to use in your fight against dirty and muddy floors. While a metal-made scraper carries with it the right idea, we don’t feel that it really goes far enough to remove mud, snow, and other debris. A boot scrubber on the other hand is a lot more thorough at removing the muck but requires a bit more work—such as bending over and twisting one’s foot around to make sure every bit of mud is removed. This can be a pretty challenging task when you’re standing in the rain or snow, or when your bundled up nice and warm—and thickly under two or three coats. A coco boot scrubber is a great way to resolve this issue because it brings the idea behind these two products together—a bristled, three-dimensional scraper that is perfect for keeping the bottom and sides of your shoes clean!

Check out these 5 reasons why a boot scraper made out of coco-fiber is the best solution for all the entrances of your home!

  • Eco Friendly

A three-dimensional coir scraper is an eco-friendly product that will seamlessly fit into your ecologically-conscious lifestyle. Whether you’re an avid recycler and green-life-liver or just someone who is trying to find little ways to do their part to reduce our carbon-footprint—a boot scraper is a great product for you. Made from natural coconut fiber, this isn’t just a product that will easily break down once it is discarded; it’s also a product whose very creation ensures the protection of the beautiful coconut palm trees.

  • Resilient

Coir is a natural material that is extracted from the husk of the coconut fruit. The coconut is a pretty interesting fruit, which has evolved in such a way as to allow it the best possible chance of survival in very harsh environments. This is a fruit that is perfectly suited for oceanic dispersal due primarily to the strong husk that gives it buoyancy and protects the seed within from the thrashing ocean. Because this is such a resilient and durable material, many products are made from coir such as—rope, fishing nets, mattress stuffing, and of course something like a boot and shoe scraper.

  • Creative

Like a metal scraper, a three-dimensional coir boot scrubber can easily be shaped to reflect the humor or interests of a homeowner. Available in a variety of shapes, like puppies, turtles, and even frogs—the functionality, affordability, and eco-friendliness of this product won’t mean you have to give up creativity and uniqueness.

  • Interior Floor Protection

Hard floor surfaces can easily be damaged, and scratches and dents can be eyesores. And although you can expect your floor to suffer from wear and tear, uncontrolled damage can cause deterioration to happen much faster. Things like stuck on gravel, bits and pieces of plastic, and other hard and solid debris can all cause damage—from hair-thin scratches to much deeper trenches. A bristled door mat, with a rich coir surface, is a great way to brush out the nooks and crannies on the bottom of shoes. This can definitely go a long way in protecting your interior floors.

  • Easy to Care ForAlthough your exterior door mat will be working very hard to keep your interior flooring safe, clean, and damage free, that doesn’t mean it will require any specialized attention. Outdoor matting options require little care; a broom is more than enough to brush away debris, and a damp mop or cloth can easily be used for more thorough cleanings. With fully rubberized dirt trapper mats you can even use a hose to wash them off, which will definitely come in handy if they have a good amount of caked-on mud.


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  • Functionality
    Fundamentally, a metal and coir boot scraper works to produce the same outcome—to remove dirt and grime off of shoes so as to avoid messes from being trekked inside and to facilitate the cleanup of shoes. While, a metal scraper doesn’t provide much more than a hard ledge, coir operates like a boot and shoe scraper. The bristled surface of these coir products will get into the nooks and crannies of shoe-sole designs while also helping to remove mud from the sides, fronts, and backs as well.
  • Easy to Clean
    For the level of efficiency that this product delivers, you might imagine that cleanup is difficult or tedious—after all, this is a product that is literally being used as a boot scrubber! But the upkeep of a coir boot scraper door mat is remarkably uncomplicated. A good shaking can remove loose debris, and a broom can be used to brush off additional stuck on dirt and grime. Finally, if a more thorough cleaning is required, these products can be cleaned utilizing a vacuum and a hose extender.

If the choice ever comes down between a metal or choir scraper, then we’re certain that the right choice is going to be something that offers you a lot more bang for your buck! A coco boot scraper offers all-around better protection without hindering your ability to be creative in the décor of your entrance ways. This is a product that isn’t just eco-friendly but also wallet-friendly, while still offering amazing durability and ease of maintenance.

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