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Coir Boot Mats—An Eco-Friendly Outdoor Shoe Scraper Option

Believe it or not, keeping your home clean and your flooring damage-free is a great way to be ecologically responsible. When carpeted floors become dirty we will either have them cleaned, or if enough time has lapsed—we’ll have them replaced. According to the Carpet America Recovery Effort around 5 billion pounds of discarded carpets end up in landfills each year. With hardwood, tile, and linoleum the outcome is pretty much the same. When enough damage is contracted, either through scratches, dents, chips, or cracks, these flooring options are also replaced. Using a boot scraper mat at each entrance of a building is a great way to help extend the life of interior floors, meaning that materials can be stretched out and used to their full potential before we even begin to consider replacing them. A coir boot scraper mat is an ecologically friendly product that offers a much more thorough cleaning of muddy shoes than a normal metal or wooden scraper. Not to mention, there are several available designs that range in styles, shapes, and sizes—all of which makes them unique and interesting options.

The use of an outdoor shoe scraper is a great way to cut down on cleaning costs, to prolong the life of interior flooring, and also to help the environment through the use of products that are made in an ecologically responsible manner. Check out these 3 reasons why a coir scraper mat is a great eco-friendly option.

There are several additional benefits that makes a boot and shoe brush a great choice for any home. Again, due to coir’s water resistance it’s well suited for a number of climates. It’s also very easy to clean, requiring little more than a good shake, a broom to brush off debris, or even a vacuum with an extension hose. And even with its high functionality, a boot scraper mat won’t have to be an eye sore. As an essential part of your cleaning regime, a coir scraper mat should be placed at any entrance that leads into your home—this means that it’s going to be in a position of high visibility. An outdoor shoe scraper can be a very distinct and interesting focal point if you want it to be or it can be more toned down and muted. Some coir mats come in beautiful half-moon shapes, ovals, and even the pelted curves that replicate a daisy in bloom while the more uniform rectangles are also available. Whatever your needs may be, an affordable and eco-friendly coir mat is a great solution.

pleasant golden tan, coloring is rarely needed though it is available in some matting options.
This means you can avoid using a product that has been processed with harsh and harmful chemicals. The material source is made by wet-milling fibers, ensuring that they are dry, and then twisting or pressing them into place. While this is a large-scale operation, it is a process that has little environmental impact.

  • Good for the Earth
    The coir that is used to make a boot scraper mat comes from the thick fibrous husk of a coconut, therefore, to harvest this material coconut trees are planted and tended to rather than cut down. The coir material itself is completely natural making it a biodegradable material that will return to the earth once it has served its functionality.
  • Eco-Friendly Processing
    A boot scraper mat that utilizes coir goes through very little processing. With the natural color of dry coir being a rather
  • Naturally Resilient
    Coconuts are known as drifter plants—which means that they have evolved to disperse with the aid of the ocean or any other body of water. However, the ocean (or any other consistently wet setting) is an abrasive environment. Therefore, the coconut has to be tough and resilient in order to survive a voyage that might last for months! The fibrous mesocarp, the same source for coir, is what allows the coconut to endure harsh environments. This the same material that is being utilized to make a resilient boot scraper mat. Due to coir’s natural resistance to water, it is also mold and mildew resistant, making it the perfect material to use in an outdoor shoe scraper.
Amazing durable shoe scraper in a cute bunny shape
Boot scraper doormat in shape of alligator at front door
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