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Want to Know How to Build Gym or a Fitness Room?

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., September 25, 2012

With an economy falling to pieces and America in a state of fiscal array, the Lampe family struggled to continue supporting their children and maintaining their deteriorating home. Although times were difficult, Jeff Lampe wanted to give his children whatever they wanted. He created a wrestling arena for his children to practice their wrestling moves and train for the sport outside of high school. He even opened up his garage area for children from all over their community to use as a weight lifting and wrestling training room. ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” heard about the amazing deeds that the Lampe family had managed to continue even though their home was in such dire condition. They arrived at the house to announce that they wanted to help improve their home and to reward them for all that they had done for their own family as well as the community.

Using Rubber-Cal’s Coin-Grip rubber flooring rolls, they resurfaced the garage training area. The heavy machinery had before rested on cracked cement that was hazardous to both the children and the machinery. From dropped weights to accidental spills, the concrete was an unforgiving surface that would rebound the impact upon the object that had fallen. With cushioned, softer rubber flooring, the impact would be absorbed and the stress of the impact would not affect the object that had fallen. The rubber surface also helped to prevent any slips due to its excellent traction and grip. The Lampe family was so shocked and stunned at the transformation of their garage that they walked as if in a daze, gaping at the completely remodeled room. The walls had been repainted with an inspirational wrestling slogan and dubbed the official arena of the Lampe wrestlers. The room looked like a professional wrestling room with four circles for them to practice tournament-style wrestling.

The kids were so excited, they immediately raced to the mat to try out several moves with the youngest cheering them on. The neighborhood children came by to try out the new lifting area and mats as well. The Lampe’s determination to continue giving their children the world while they struggled with fiscal responsibilities encouraged families everywhere to continue surviving, despite difficult financial times. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” applauded their efforts and gave them a wrestling arena that even professional wrestlers could envy!

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