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Playground rubber flooring retains excellent shock absorption, non-slip traction, and environmental resistance properties that make it the best flooring option for playgrounds. Rubber playground tiles are made of durable recycled rubber material due to its excellent shock absorption and anti-slip properties as well as its lower playground surfacing cost. These safety tiles for playgrounds also offer a customizable sizing option to ensure every part of the playground surface is safe for children.

Playground rubber flooring is the best flooring for a playground because it can offer superior shock absorption and non-slip properties in both indoor and outdoor settings. Recycled rubber mats for playgrounds are highly resistant to damaging environmental factors, such as UV rays, ozone, oxygen, and moisture which, in turn, ultimately reduces the playground surfacing cost by allowing it to last for years in harsh outdoor settings. Whether they are placed indoors or outdoors, playground rubber flooring will offer a long life in harsh settings and can withstand heavy levels of abuse.

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Why You Should Use Rubber Comfort Mats

A rubber comfort mat is designed to provide anti-fatigue comfort to prevent fatigue and improve productivity. Both rubber and rubberized gel foam are long-lasting materials that will provide excellent cushion flooring in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. A rubber anti-fatigue mat is harder than an anti-fatigue foam mat; however, both materials are supple and soft, offering comfortable matting. While OSHA does not require anti-fatigue mats, workstation comfort mats are highly recommended to help prevent fatigue in employees and to keep productivity levels high. Available as single mats and as interlocking floor tiles, anti-fatigue floor mats can provide long-lasting comfort in any sized setting.

Rubber comfort mats are the ultimate products for creating an ani-fatigue surface in any setting. An anti-fatigue rubber mat can provide superior comfort qualities that reduce fatigue and improve health. Standing mats for work can greatly benefit employees and employers alike by promoting comfort which, in turn, improves productivity. The rubber used to create a rubber anti-fatigue mat is highly durable and will remain a reliable and long-lasting product that will not break or tear after frequent use. Best of all, they are available in a range of 4 thicknesses, allowing you to choose the right cushion flooring for the setting.

What is the Best Non-Slip Mat?

The best non-slip mat is a rubber mat due to rubber’s superior traction-enhancing properties. Rubber is the best material to create non-slip mats due to its long-lasting durability and indoor/outdoor versatility. Rubber’s high coefficient of friction allows a rubber anti-slip floor mat to provide excellent grip even when moisture is present on its surface. An anti-slip rubber mat also comes equipped with traction-enhancing surface patterns that act as extra gripping points for footwear to grab onto for extra security.

Rubber slip resistant surfaces can be used in any setting and in any sized space due to rubber’s durable natural and the available forms of an anti-slip rubber mat. Interlocking tiles are easily customizable to fit any space whereas flooring rolls are available in set lengths or in custom lengths and are ideal for covering large wall-to-wall spaces. The addition of a rubber anti-slip floor mat in slick industrial, commercial, and residential settings, can save you, your guests, and your family from dangerous slip and fall accidents that can result in injury. Not only can a rubber anti-slip floor mat prevent injuries, but it can also prevent costly liability lawsuits.

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