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Floor Mat Company’s line of anti-slip mats are made of durable natural and synthetic rubbers, allowing them to be versatile indoor/outdoor products. Rubber is the perfect material for creating non-slip flooring as it retains a naturally tacky surface that helps increase traction when traversing its surface. In addition, thanks to rubber’s naturally high coefficient of friction and moisture resistance, rubber anti-slip matting will retain its grippy surface even when moisture is present. Made of durable and versatile materials, you can install anti-slip flooring both indoors and outdoors without worry of damage. Our rubber anti-slip mats are designed to be used in areas that see excessive amounts of moisture.

Oftentimes, our rubber anti-slip mats are available with added surface patterns that are designed to help increase rubber’s already grippy surface. These surface patterns range from coin-top to diamond-plate to linear ridges, each offering numerous raised protrusions that act as extra gripping points for added traction. Our anti-slips mats are also available in different forms, including flooring rolls and interlocking tiles, allowing you to cover spaces of any size. Flooring rolls are available in set lengths or in custom lengths of up to 50 consecutive feet. On the other hand, interlocking tiles are easily customizable flooring options that can be made smaller or large simply by adding or removing tiles. Use Floor Mat Company’s anti-slip mats to promote safety and prevent serious injury in any setting!

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Why Use Rubber Gym Mats?

Home gyms contain equipment that can severely damage your home floors which can be costly to repair. Heavy equipment, such as weights, can dent or crack floors when dropped while fitness machines, such as treadmills and ellipticals, emit constant vibrations when in use that will eventually wear down the floor underneath it, causing damage. Rubber is the ideal material for creating gym flooring as it can offer excellent shock absorption due to its superior elasticity.

Not only does rubber gym flooring offer superior floor protection, but it also offers excellent anti-fatigue and comfort qualities. Working out on hard surfaces can be uncomfortable and can eventually lead to long-term joint pain – rubber gym matting can help cushion impacts and relieve pressure from joints. Rubber gym surfaces also offer a soft surface to work out on for floor exercises and activities, such as yoga. Protect your floors and workout in comfort with Floor Mat Company’s rubber gym flooring!

Promote Safety with Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber stair treads are one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your stairs safe from accidental slips and falls. Indoor and outdoor stairs alike, it is important to safeguard your steps to keep those you care about safe and out of harm’s way. We offer various styles of stair treads, ranging from solid rubber stair treads with nosing to more decorative cast iron stair treads. For example, the “Safety First” rubber stair mats are solid rubber stair treads with an added nosing for extra anti-slip protection along the edge of each step. The sleek black stair treads along with its added nose are ideal for commercial or industrial settings where foot traffic may be heavy. On the other hand, the “Azteca” cast iron stair treads feature an elegant design that is made entirely out of rubber. The intricate designs will add an aesthetic value to your home steps while providing excellent non-slip safety. Keep your steps safe and damage-free by using our rubber stair treads!

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