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The Best Answer to Slippery Floors

Whether it’s in the workplace or in the comfort of your home, slipping can be a dangerous and costly hazard. Though there are a variety of different anti-slip options out there to choose from, rubber flooring is the best. Popular floors like wood and tile are aesthetically pleasing, but they are also prone to becoming slippery when exposed to any moisture. Rubber, though often overlooked in favor of those harder floors, is the safest surface possible both for the person walking on it and the fragile sub-surface below. The material enhances traction instantly, and comes in the form of both mobile anti-slip mats and complete flooring rolls.

Though there are many different kinds of rubber flooring, most anti-slip floors are made from synthetic rubbers. The synthetic rubbers are usually recycled or reclaimed, repurposing waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. This water-resistant material has a high coefficient of friction, giving it natural grip even when it gets wet. Some rubber flooring options take it a step further with textured surfaces to enhance traction even more. These textures, which include diamond-plate patterning and ribbed corrugations, provide multiple points of contact for shoes, locking into the soles to ensure maximum slip resistance under any conditions.

Rubber flooring is easily installed and leaves no room for slips. Our floors are all designed for DIY installation and come in a variety of options to suit your needs. Floors can be purchased in rolls or interlocking tiles, most of which are easily secured with double-sided carpet tape. All options have a sleek and seamless appearance, able to fit the aesthetic of anything from an office to a playroom. Rubber is ideal flooring for locker rooms, gyms, and kennels—any place with a high chance of spills can benefit from the slip-resistance of rubber floors. It even performs well outdoors, providing anti-slip safety wherever you need it.

“Waves” Rubber Stair Treads

“Chelsea” Rubber Stair Treads

Treadmill Making Loud Noise? – We can try to help!

It’s important to keep fit, but who has the time or inclination for frequent gym visits? That’s probably why more and more people are installing their own gym spaces at home. A huge array of treadmills and other equipment is available at affordable prices and can be set up in the comfort and privacy of your own home. But one thing that you will probably notice straight away is the noise your treadmill makes. Without the din that you will experience at a pro gym – the roar and whir of hundreds of machines, the chatter and the music – the individual treadmill noise will become apparent. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to manage the noise.

No matter how expensive or high-end your treadmill is, it will still make noise. Some of the noise will be as a result of your treadmill and some will be inherent to the structure of the building you are in. In some cases, the noise might be caused by a mechanical fault, but usually it is a result of the vibrations that the machine makes when in operation. At all speeds, the belt will be in motion and create these vibrations. Depending on where you live, this can be disruptive to family, neighbors or yourself.  But you do not have to despair and head back to the crowded and sweaty gym! The noise made by a treadmill can be drastically reduced by using a rubber matting surface.

There are rubber mats available which are designed specifically for treadmills. Thick treadmill noise reduction mats provide a heavy-duty protective layer between the machine and your flooring surface. The density and flex of the rubber material allows it to absorb the impacts and vibrations, dissipating the force instead of rattling it back at the machine. In turn this greatly reduces the noise made when your treadmill is running. As an added benefit, this cushioning protects the floor and equipment from vibration damage.

elliptical mat on rubber mat
treadmill on rubber protection mat

“Block-Grip” Vinyl Flooring Rolls

“Coin-Grip™” Vinyl Flooring

Flooring Over Concrete – Rubber Floors Reign Supreme!

Concrete is a solid flooring base, and you will often find it to be the default surface type in settings such as garages and basements. A polished concrete surface is even becoming a more popular option on the main floors of some homes. But there are quite a few things that concrete does not do well. That’s why many people opt to lay flooring over concrete surfaces, especially in garages and basements when they want to make them more functional. Rubber flooring is perfect for this type of otherwise bare floor! Rubber flooring will add warmth, comfort, non-slip qualities, and all of this at a very cost-effective rate.

Most people think of concrete as being impenetrable, but it is actually fairly susceptible to damage through impacts and vibrations. Concrete is also cold, offering little in the way of insulation, and can become slippery when wet. In addition, water can permeate concrete slabs and cause issues over time. There are several flooring types that can be laid over concrete, from wood to tile. But no other option solves all of these issues as well as rubber flooring.

One of the best aspects of putting rubber flooring over concrete is that it is extremely easy to do. Flooring in roll or tile form is simple to install on a solid concrete surface. It also provides excellent insulation and comfortable cushioning for your feet. Whether you are using the area as a home gym or a hangout space, rubber is the best flooring to put over concrete. It offers impact and shock absorption, so it can handle everything from treadmills and bench press equipment to heavy furniture. Best of all for this kind of space, rubber flooring is moisture resistant. It will not suffer any permanent damage from flooding, protects the floors below and does not allow mold and mildew to form. Rubber makes the best flooring option over concrete in basements and garages.

Doormat Sale

For this month, Rubber-Cal is having a special sale on its doormats. You can get a new doormat for 25% to 40% off and free shipping! Our doormats are perfect for home or commercial entryways. They are available in a variety of different forms, such as coir doormats with rubber or PVC backing, molded boot scrapers, cast-iron rubber mats, and more. Our doormats combine the latest design trends with reliable function. With a Rubber-Cal doormat in place, the entryways in your area will benefit from both a visual enhancement and a practical deterrent against outdoor contaminants such as dirt and mud. When you choose a Rubber-Cal doormat, you are getting a high quality product made from “Green” materials such as coir fibers, natural rubber, and reclaimed rubber.

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